Albert Barakhaev

Founder, CEO of LLC Borzuga Group

I have established a company, whose mission is to assist Russian businessmen in promoting their goods, works and services on foreign markets.

Under modern geopolitical conditions and macroeconomic trends, which have strong implications for exports of Russian energy resources, I deem the development of non-resource, non-energy exports to be the most important and promising way of ensuring the economic stability.

We are using the best available global practices to give a solid competitive edge to exports of Russian commodities.

I sincerely wish prosperity and development to Russian non-resource exports.

Yours truly,
Albert Barakhaev
(Founder and former head of the Russian
Export Center Group’s Security Directorate)

Artem Varlamov

Strategy Manager

I hold the position of strategy manager in the company. I do strategic planning, set performance targets, and monitor their achievement. In addition, my responsibilities include the formation of work plans for projects, preparation of analytical and presentation materials, as well as system analysis. I believe that a well-developed strategy largely determines the success and prospects of the company's development in the future.

Daria Nuaime

Business Development Manager

My name is Daria and I am a business development manager at Borzuga Group. My field of expertise is the MENA Region. Having a deep knowledge of the Arab culture, I specialize in bridging trade relationships between Russia and Middle Eastern countries. Given my passion for languages, I am fluent in: English, French, Arabic, and Russian, 2 of which are my native. Every language is a different vision of life and a key component to building strong economic ties.

Nadezhda Afanaseva

Business Development Manager

Greetings! My name is Nadezhda. The main principle of my work is to provide effective and comfortable entry into foreign markets in order to promote the products of manufacturers. I am responsible for the development of partnerships and support foreign trade activities of enterprises in Europe, America, India and some African countries. I will be glad to help you to bring your company's export to a new level!

Kiriupin Eduard

Business Development Manager

Hi, my name is Eduard! In the company I am responsible for Russian exporters' entry into Asian markets and interaction with partners from Southeast Asia. 7 years of experience of living and working in China have taught me a good understanding of the Eastern mentality and the principles of doing business by companies from Asia. Working with us, your business will be known sooner than you expect!

Andy Goigland

Head of Scandinavia representative office

Building and delivering a sustainable export strategy for the office. Developing and supporting business contacts across Norway and Scandinavia. Working closely with the companies aiming to export commodities and providing them with necessary market insight. Has a vast market knowledge and experience in trade. Speaks Russian, Norwegian and English fluently.