intro background

The history of our company's development


In 2017, we turned attention to the fact that Russia’s export system actually lacked competitive consulting that would focus on non-oil and gas, non-energy export.

We decided to establish a company with the following lines of business and features:

- advisory services to exporters on how to build up a competitive position in promotion of Russian products in foreign markets;
- official exchange of information with specialized Russian and foreign governmental and non-governmental organizations;
- work with open sources to provide exporters with business information obtained using only fair methods in terms of international legal ethics;
- a team with unique competences;
- own international network covering more than 100 countries.

Today, Russian exporters badly need quality information on market conditions and, importantly, continuous improvement of their competences. Currently, exporters often come into foreign markets “blindfolded” and usually in an admittedly inferior position, while their foreign counterparts have been enjoying adequate access to market information through similar competitive services since 1980s.

Furthermore, the Russian export community had and still has the challenging goals of higher-than-anticipated growth and development.

The key goal of our company is to promote the buildup of competitive advantages for Russian export abroad.